Colgante para collar diseño Dad Forever in My Heart ; acero inoxidable

  • $10.037


This item is made of premium material for durable and long-lasting use with anti-rust function. The lovely heart shaped design and bright color with comfortable texture make it to be a nice and perfect pendant for anything at any occassion. It's also a optical gift choice for your father with the letter of DAD, FOREVER LOVE IN MY HEART.


- Color: Silver.
- Material: Stainless steel.
- Size: Approx. 3.1 * 1.5 * 0.9 cm/1.2* 0.6 * 0.4  inch(L*W*H).
- Hole diameter: Approx 4mm / 0.15 inch.
- High quality for durable and long-lasting use.
- Anti-rust with shining brightness.
- It's openable, can be screwed open
- Heart shape with pendant, can DIY to necklace or other decorations.
- Can be used to hold cremated ash, crushed flowers, perfume, essential oils or any other tiny object you want to keep close to your heart.
- With " Dad & Forever love in my heart ", nice gift for your father or family.
- Note: The top hole is too small to hold pills,can only put into powders or liquid

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